The Lake House…

This is another lovely corner of beautiful PA. It is really called The Boat House, but you will see in a moment why I prefer this title…

This one was taken early morning, and as always a fantastic experience. The birds, the humidity, the peaceful feeling. I adjusted the color a little, and then converted it into an HDR image.

While working on this photo, I remembered a movie that I like a lot, The Lake House. It is a 2006 romance, SF drama, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. The whole plot happens partly in a lake house. Yes, another romantic film, but this one has an interesting twist, they time travel so they can be together.

The soundtrack of the movie has a collection of old and new songs, like "It’s Too Late" by Carole King, and a fantastic new song by Paul McCartney "This Never Happened Before" Take a look:


My photography is mostly nature. I enjoy macro photography, landscaping , and graphic design.


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Flicker has giving me opportunity to meet a group of wonderful people. Thanks for making me feel so proud of what I do and love.


I only submit my photos to groups which pages are not private.


I appreciate your visit and your comment. Thank you!


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