Single Lifestyle – the Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours!

As a single person journeys along the pathway of life they have to continuously make choices which will ultimately lead them to, or affect their destiny. In this article I want to look at the lives of some single people and review their choice of lifestyle and its impact on their future. We will look at the choice, consequence and the cure for each lifestyle.

Lifestyle 1: One foot in one foot out

The Choice: James is a new Christian and truly loves God but also he truly loves some of the things he used to do. Before he became a Christian he particularly enjoyed sex. Now he cannot imagine how it is possible to have a relationship that is “God’s Way”!

The Consequence: He may be the father of many babies. He may get a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and he may experience feelings of guilt and frustration, as he is torn between lifestyles, trying to give up one for the other. The most dangerous Consequence of all is spiritual death.

The Cure:      2 Corinthians 5:17 – James needs to remember he is a new creature

                        Ephesians 4:22-24 – He needs to put off what is of the old man

In short: face the challenge, think it through, and make that change!

Lifestyle 2: Dress to Tease

The Choice: June loves wearing the latest fashions. She has gone beyond the boundary of the decent into the scanty. She has made up her mind – she will not be an old maid! Therefore she thinks the less she puts on, the more the chances of her being picked.

The Consequence: She will not be taken seriously, and if approached at all, it will be for the wrong reasons. She has made herself a prey for abuse and/or misuse by the wrong man.

The Cure:      1 Timothy 2:9a – June can get a few tips on dressing here

                        1 Peter 3:3 – She needs to find her true value

                        Proverbs 31:25 – The secret to dressing well

In short: dress well, add value to your life and you will be found by a Boaz!

Lifestyle 3: The Superficial

The Choice: Byron has chosen to focus on the superficial things of life. His second name is Bozo. He enjoys presenting himself as a man of substance but really he is shallow. In depth discussions scare him…after all he might be discovered.

The Consequence: A shallow relationship. An empty lifestyle. A superficial friendship.

The Cure:      Matthew 10:16 – Byron is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                        1 Samuel 16:7 – Listen to the Lord, he knows the inside

                        James 1:8 – You do not want to join your future to instability!

In short: spot him/her… and run for your life!

Lifestyle 4: No Hope

The Choice: Jane did not actually choose to get to this point but because she allowed the cares of life to dictate her emotions, she has now lost hope. Due to no one having spoken to her in five years she can’t see the point in taking care of herself. Doing her hair or makeup is a no-go area. 

The Consequence: Whilst inner beauty is of great importance, outside appearance is often assessed first. Other consequences include depression and discouragement as the perpetuation of not being asked continues. Low self-esteem can also manifest as the desire to meet a person is not met.

The Cure:      Job 14:14 – Jane needs to keep on waiting patiently for there is an appointed time. If Job had his, she will have hers

            Romans 4:21 – God is not a man that He should lie, He is faithful to His word concerning her life

In short: focus on the now and develop self on the way to where you are going

Lifestyle 5: Commitment Phobic

The Choice: Maggie has not been able to close the door on a yesterday relationship. She meditates on it and thinks through it again and again. She does not want to try again for fear of another break up. She claims she is married to Jesus and wants all the ‘satans’ to leave her alone.

The Consequences: She is unable to commit to anyone and because of her fear of involvement many suitors have emotional scars for having dated her. She has become bitter and nothing can make her come out of her fortified tower.

The Cure:      Hebrews 12:15 – Free yourself of bitterness, it destroys you and those around

                        Ephesians 4:23 – Let yesterday die and allow your spirit to be renewed

In short: yesterday is in the grave, tomorrow is in the womb, so seize today and make it count.

Lifestyle 6: Steadfast

The Choice: Joseph is confident on the way to where he is going. He knows he has milestones on the journey and is following his targets one by one. He is a good friend to all, enjoys the atmosphere of worship and serves faithfully in Church. The commitment to God he shows in church is the same at home, where he prays and seeks to know God for himself.

The Consequences: As he walks with the Lord, at the appropriate time, he will see, be seen and propose to the perfect will of God for his life. He will have prepared for her arrival and she will be the Queen of his house, a support to him. Should any difficulty arise, they will both go to the manufacturer – the source who brought them together – God.


The Cure?      None prescribed, this is where we all desire to be.

In short: With God as the third person in their relationship, they will live happily ever after!

So now shall we say:   The Choice is yours!

                                    To rejoice or to cry

                                    To lift your head up or to bow

                                    To live or to just exist

                                    To live a dream or to live a lie

                                    Seize the day, choose God’s way

Source by Ade D\\\\\\\’Almeida

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