And Then There Was Fire

We all know the importance of fire in the evolution of man. To see the San-Bushman or the Real People is to take a trip back in time and see ourselves millions of years ago. To quote Paul Thoreax again:

It was amazing, in the face of all of the encroachments- they lived in a land where diamonds littered the ground like pebbles, where trophy animals might be slaughtered where cattle might graze , amazing that the Ju/’hoansi still existed. Yet they did, though in dwindling numbers, and they had become the obsessive subjects, even the darlings, of ethnographers, for what they were able to tell us about how we humans had lived in prehistory, and also as “noble savages”-one of the most heavily scientifically commoditized human groups in the annals of science.”

And just as he had also written, I saw the ritual of making fire.

“One man lifted the glowing, gently smoking wood and blew on it with lips framed in a kissing expression, and we had fire.”

I have mentioned before that one of the fist things I pack when I travel are books about the country I"m visiting. Never though have I experienced exactly what I had read in a book. In this case" The Last Train to Zona Verde" came alive right before my eyes.

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