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Night Vision Cameras are a great way to monitor and secure exterior building entrances and rural perimeters, or to keep an eye on a sleeping infant in a dark room. Infrared Light provides detailed imagery in complete darkness situations.

Night vision security cameras allow you to see intruders trying to enter your home both by day and by night. If you’ve been thinking about adding security cameras as part of your home security system, it’s not a bad idea to get cameras capable of seeing in the dark since that’s when many would-be burglars ply their trade. As with regular security cameras, night vision cameras send their images to a VCR or PC where they are displayed on a monitor and can be recorded to a tape or hard drive. The difference is in how the cameras see.
How Night Vision Security Cameras Work
Night vision technology basically works in two different ways, depending on what kind of camera you buy.
Image Enhancement
This technology works by gathering small amounts of light that exist even at night (the lower portion of the infrared spectrum) but are imperceptible to the human eye. This light is then amplified to display an image we can easily see. The display on a monitor hooking up by an image enhancing camera usually appears greenish. (If you’ve ever peered through night vision goggles, that is the look.)
Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging technology makes use of the upper portion of the infrared spectrum which shows the heat emitted by things rather than just their reflected light. Warmer things (i.e. human bodies) give off more heat than cooler things like trees or houses. The display on a monitor hooking up by an image enhancing camera usually appears in black and white.

How to Install a Night-Vision Security Camera

1. Decide what room you will be installing the camera and pick an angle from which the camera can operate unobstructed.

2. Decide how high off the floor you want the camera. Stand on a ladder and look over the room. From what height do you get the most coverage including the floor?

3. Hold the mounting bracket that came with the camera in place with one hand and use a pencil to mark the screw holes with the other hand.

4. Determine if the screw holes will be in a stud. Use a stud finder from a home improvement store if necessary.

5. If you will not be inserting the screws into a stud, you will need a drywall anchor bolt. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller that the screw you will use to mount the bracket.

6. Predrill a hole into the stud or insert the drywall anchor bolt into the drywall.
7. Hold the mounting bracket in place and insert the screws into the predrilled holes or the drywall anchor bolt
8. Place the camera onto the mounting bracket and plug in the device.

9. Sync the camera to the base station and activate night vision. Check the images to make sure you have the coverage you require.

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