Health Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles refer to having such a routine that does not involve any exercise at all. A person may not indulge in any physical activity either because he or she is involved in such tasks which do not require any motion, or because he or she deliberately avoids engaging in much of exercise.

These days, most people have routines which consist of sitting in one position for long hours, whether it is using the computer or watching your favorite TV show. Moreover, with the gains in technology, one seldom gets the chance to get up and move around, as the whole world seems to be just a click away.

People may not seem to be concerned about the severe health risks they end up having, if they do not exercise. Obviously, one cannot give up on all sedentary activities, as you do need to have some leisure time in life. However, one should know how to make a balance.

If people learn to maintain a healthy balance of work and play both, they will be doing a big favor to themselves. Being active and putting your body muscles to work is immensely important, as they need to be utilized and not just remain idle. By staying in one position for a long time, one’s blood circulation becomes poor, which leads to various risks to one’s health.

Mostly, people do not engage in exercise because of laziness. As physical activity involves effort and is tiring, people consider lying around and relaxing to be a better option. Awareness and realization is highly important, so that one can make the required changes to avoid the following from occurring:

Obesity comes first when such a lifestyle is being followed. As one does not have any exercise at all, the consumption of food while doing nothing would surely lead to obesity. It becomes worse if the person has unhealthy eating habits too, and consumes fatty and high cholesterol food. Genes may play a role in obesity too, however sedentary lifestyle is always the main cause.

For the proper functioning of the heart, the blood flow and circulation should be adequate. In case the person follows unhealthy habits when it comes to eating and does not exercise at all, he or she has great chances of ending up with a heart disease. Coronary heart disease which involves blockages in the blood vessels may take place, due to food high in cholesterol and no physical activity.

Some other diseases which may occur include cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, sleep apnea and osteoporosis.

Source by James Sutherland

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