Norwex Reviews: Marketing Norwex Online: What are the Norwex Products and How to Market them and Build Your Norwex Business

Who is Norwex and what do they sell?  How can you perform online marketing in the right ways to find massive prospects? To address these very significant questions let us take a look at the background of this company.

Norwex Company Review:  What is Norwex?

Norwex is a company that markets environmentally friendly household products through the network marketing and home party business model.  The Company CEO is Debbie Bolton from Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada.

Norwex Product Reviews-  What are the Norwex Products?

The flagship product for Norwex is their microfibre cleaning cloth that only needs water in order to clean a variety of household surfaces using silver as their key antibacterial agent.  Norwex also provides other cleaning products and personal care products all with a focus on being eco-friendly and chemical free. AMAZING, isn’t it?  That a reputable company such as this with so much to offer in eco-friendly microfibre products has not yet found the ideal way in which to market such a highly valued product?

The network marketing and home party industry, while legitimate and viable for many people, can often prove to be difficult for many people to duplicate and create a thriving home-business.  Another interesting point would be that as important as these eco-friendly products are, most of them are not necessarily the type of consumable product that require a regular monthly order to replace what you need at home.

Current Norwex Marketing and Business-Building Techniques:

So what are some of the ways that this product is being promoted? Well in order to generate income you must have a large consumer base  as you will receive  income via retail, commission and bonuses according to the  amount of product and  number of customers in your organization.  Well in order to accomplish this you need to expose your products to  the masses.  Having parties by inviting guests and offering prizes and lots of good food enhances people’s interest.  Having a very good presenter also can increase sales and it is important to have these sales repeated to  maintain your personal volume whereby you get paid.

This of course can be quite challenging and often exhausting since you may run out of people to invite to your party as you need to have a significant different number of people who are willing to open their home for a party as opposed to Internet Jobs for Moms. Unfortunately many are unable to put in the money for food and often decline when asked to  participate. Not everyone orders as some have already been to the last party and have been told  that they need not order but come for  the enjoyment of  getting together with  friends. It is a  product which certainly needs to be ordered over and over again which is wonderful until the “next  best thing” or product is presented to them and  you lose your  customer.You soon realize that  you most definitely need a very large number of people  to make up for the attrition rate.

Marketing Norwex Online:

So how can you market your Norwex business more effectively online and attract more clients through utilizing the power of the internet?  If you want to be a Christian Mom making money from home there are two very effective ways you can successfully help people to find you and wanting what you have instead of you chasing them. This greatly relieves the pressure & stress of generating an income.  Let us examine them  both in detail.

The Top 2 Ways to Market Your Norwex Business Online:

#1 Website with GREAT landing Pages for a GREAT product:

Be sure that the web site you use is “User Friendly”. By that I mean make sure when a prospect lands on your page they know what to do. Make it appealing. Show them the “DAINTIES” so to speak so that they want to see what is waiting for them on the MAIN MENU, after they have opted in to your landing page and added themselves to your auto-responder email list.  You are giving them an appetite for what you have for them and making them curious and desirous to what’s next .

#2  Online Marketing for Norwex using the All-Important Keyword Research:

This is a method by which you are finding a solution to a question someone has googled. Basically you are writing information that gives the reader a sense of satisfaction in finding answers to some very important needs they may have.

For instance a person that may be interested in Norwex or Norwex products may look up:  “Norwex Reviews”, “Norwex Products” or “Norwex Cleaning Products” etc… So you can write a short article to address these topics with a link to your website at the bottom to allow your reader to visit your site for more information or to contact you.

Where to go to Learn Online Marketing for Norwex:

It is extremely important that you find an Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center that has “Key Words” available for these articles.  Many people who are attempting to advertise and market online are unaware that “KEY Word Research” is the foundation of all internet marketing to achieve real success.Keep in mind marketers often need to spend $2000.00 or more just to hire  a SEO Specialist to do their Key Word research for them.But joining with the right online marketing System you can  have  a virtually  unlimited supply for free.

Next, continue reading more of the top information on how to Market Your Norwex Business Online or any other company, product or service online.  Fill in the form on the first page, follow the instructions that will be sent to your email and then watch the videos on step 2 and 3 of the second page to learn all the top online marketing techniques that you can start using today to create even more success for your business!

Source by Netty Stoik

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