Top 20 Love One Liners and quotes

Top 20 Love One Liners and quotes

If you love someone and they don’t love you back. Just chuck them off and move one. Life is all about having fun, smiling and being successful. You’ve come alone and get go alone only. So, ENJOY!

Top 20 Love One Liners and love quotes to have fun and enjoy with friends. World doesn’t cares about feelings today so don’t need to do that with them. Just enjoy the crazy quotes and have fun with friends. Only they will stay forever.

  1. Don’t share your happiness, people get jealous and increase your pain. Rather share your pain, it will decrease, the more you share.
  2. I am too afraid to be myself.
  3. If you think, you are befooling others, come out of your shell and look around. World is much smarter than you.
  4. I’ll be with you till you’ll keep making me smile. Now it depends on you if you wish to stay with me or not.
  5. Hard thing in life is to forget someone and what’s hardest is to believe that you’ve forgotten them.
  6. Speech is the best tool of letting it out.
  7. Your silence can be powerful enough for killing others from inside.
  8. Just let it go everything in a flow.
  9. Muddlehead says: I would never every marry in lifetime because it sucks and I will guide the same to my kids even.
  10. Who is a nurse?… A sexy woman who after holding your hand for a minutes, still expects the pulses to stay normal.
  11. Muddlehead: Don’t cry, common, be strong like the man who lost his head. See, is he crying at all?
  12. I asked my wife, what kind of books she would be interested in, if I have to gift her. She replied “Cheque Books”.
  13. The only way of keeping your car in a good shape and run better is to keep checking the high priced new range of cars.
  14. Muddlehead falls in love with the nurse. He decides about writing a love letter and admits, “I love you sister”.
  15. Why do dogs stay unmarried?…Because they are already living the life of a married men.
  16. The only difference between a mother and the wife is, former brings men crying and latter ensures that you continue same way in rest of your life.
  17. Everything is fine. Life is good but the only problem is to make myself believe that “I will be married”.
  18. Before marriage:”I feel shattered when you are not near me”. After marriage: “I feel shattered when you always near me”.
  19. Son:  Dad, what is the output for 2X2?….Dad: (Angrily shouting): You don’t know this even. What the hell have you been doing in school? Shame on you. Now, go inside and get the Calc, I’ll tell you.
  20. It’s awful to commit that I hate commitments.

Get along with your friends and share the crazy, funny and crappy one liner jokes and quotes. Enjoy them all.

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