225/365: we finally saw the sun all day!

So I knew I had to take advantage of the beautiful sunlight coming through our living room window this evening.

I set my focal length at 35mm to start the week for the "normal lens throw down" challenge. Then I realized after I had uploaded the images I must have accidentally bumped it since LR was telling me it was 40mm. The sun is gone, so I can’t go recreate it now. But I swear I composed by moving my feet, not the lens!

This is 100% SOOC. I just had to save it through LR to get from RAW to jpeg. There are windows on all of the walls, so I couldn’t avoid the window in the background. If I would have done any edits, I can tell you the first one I would have done would be to use spot removal to get the dust off the table. (and the second would be to add a unicorn) 🙂

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Posted by Btrcp2436 on 2011-03-27 23:38:28


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