Beautiful baby with puckered lips

Such a simple image, but I love it so much! This little girl was so full of energy and so friendly and loving, and still is several years later. I don’t know how in the world I captured this face on her, but it sure is priceless.

I submitted the color version of this image into PPA’s International Photographic Competition, where it was accepted into the 2011 Loan Collection book, published by the Professional Photographers of Colorado.

I created the image in my studio with a Larson 4×6 softbox with a Photogenic Powerlight and a Larson reflector.

Learn more about my baby and child photography in my book Don’t Say "Cheese!" — How to Create Natural-Looking Studio Portraits of Babies and Children.

Posted by Mary Lynne Ashley on 2011-02-01 21:35:39

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