A New Fashion: A Low-Carbon Life

Recently, there is a new way of saying hello. People greet each other by asking, “Are you reducing the carbon?” The reason of such a greeting lies in the terrible change of the climate. In recent years, disasters such as the frequent typhoons, floods and droughts, the rapid melting glacier and the fast extinction of species have frightened people. Such phenomena should be attributed to global warming, which is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, the consumption of energies like coals is the very criminal.

We release carbon dioxide when we breathe, drive cars and use electricity. It is estimated that every Chinese family release about 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide each year. The figure is, in fact, rather terrifying. It is calling for a green lifestyle, reducing the carbon releasing. At present, many citizens are trying to lead a low-carbon life. It has become a new fashion. They hold the view that the environmental protection should start from tiny things. It is a wise idea to heighten the temperature of the air-conditioner, reduce the time of watching TV, wash the clothes by hand and take public transportations instead of driving a car. Pioneers of the low-carbon fashion tell us that every thing could be measured. We can calculate the amount of daily carbon dioxide release by using a carbon calculator. Some people establish relevant organizations in order to teach others to lower the carbon.

Li Xin is a sophomore, majoring in environment. When other girls are calculating calories and losing weight, she is calculating the carbon release. She advocates the low-carbon lifestyle to her friends and family members. She says even eating meat less is a way of protecting the environment, for half a kilo of meat may release 700 grams of carbon dioxide. Her idea should be appreciated. We all need to change some of our bad habits to be a low-carbon advocator.

A low-carbon life can really change the temperature of the Earth. Experts argue that if everyone in the nation leads such a life, the effect is huge. Carbon dioxidecan exist on the Earth for hundreds of years. In about a hundred years, its release will have doubled. There is no doubt that the temperature will be so high that it is out of expectation. It is even worse that people are still producing more and more of it. We focus on the release in industry but neglect that in our daily life. Experts say everyone devotes to the carbon release. One ton seems not very large. But one ton of carbon dioxide means one fourth of a standard swimming pool. If we need plants to absorb this gas, we each should plant more than a hundred trees every year.

Source by Yan Hu

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