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The Lion Gate of Vancouver

This is the prettiest bridge that leads to Vancouver. It looks pretty from just about any angle, so it was fun driving around, skirting the coast, checking out all the vantage points. You also

Golden Love Bridge – HDR

Long exposure photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco captured at dawn right before sunrise. HDR composite from multiple exposures and variant of this image processed with bold pink colors in the

Golden Gate Bridge Refections

Acrilic on canvas 28×36"in This acrilic painting is a version from Golden Gate Brigde and I found this amazing image on Frickr. You can see the photo that inspired me on this link: www.flickr.com/photos/mumbleyjoe/1548874926/

Lovers Throw the Key

Legend has it that lovers visiting the city of Florence can seal their love forever by affixing a lock to the Ponte Vecchio and throwing it’s key into the Arno River below. Every year
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