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Side Blossoms-#Flickr12Days

Explored – April 3, 2013 Cherry Blossoms Adrift Pink petals passing Scents above so high Painted porcelain perfection Blossoms caress the sky Swaying silent shroud Suitors strolling by Pink petals passing Lover’s gentle sigh

Wasserspiele im Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Wilhelmshöhe Park, the largest hillside park in Europe. A unique ensemble of nature, architecture and water. Kassel Germany en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergpark_Wilhelmsh%C3%B6he www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCOxJYJTCVc Please don’t use this image without my explicit written permission.

Pretty Grass

The plants at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are amazing, even in the dead of winter. Posted by ctofcsco on 2013-01-13 13:37:50 Tagged: , Colorado Springs , Colorado , United States , USA , explore

Castrovalva – Croce e sentiero

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Autumn Glow

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River of mystery

A beautiful river to kayak down, unspoiled wilderness…. so close to home Thonotosassa is a creek/Seminole Indian word translated as “plenty of flint”. In the era 5000 BC – 1600 AD the area around

Waxwing 12

Picture of the week 9 – 16 October 2012 Chariots of Nature PhotoAwardsCounter View Awards Count Posted by Buzzard2001 on 2012-02-25 18:28:33 Tagged: , All of Natures Wildlife Level_1 , FlickrsTrueReflection_1 , my_gear_and_me ,

St. Thomas Sapphire Beach Cathedral

This photo was Flickr Explored on Feb. 23, 2013 www.flickr.com/explore/2013/02/23 The following viewing options were suggested by our viewers !!! The 3-dimensional effect of the roof frame can be seen if you stare at

And Then There Was Fire

We all know the importance of fire in the evolution of man. To see the San-Bushman or the Real People is to take a trip back in time and see ourselves millions of years
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