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Mighty Gullfoss

Amazing images of the frozen gorge of the powerful cascade of Gullfoss, on the Hvit√° river, under the sunset light. Posted by daniel.virella on 2014-02-11 00:00:30 Tagged: , Hvit√° , river , Gullfoss ,

free falling

The Seljalandsfoss is one of the higher waterfalls on Iceland. Due to it’s location near the ring road it’s heavily visited most of the time. You really have to be patient if you don’t

The Great Confluence

This is another image of the amazing Haifoss Canyon in Iceland. This time with an increased focus on the tallest falls of the canyon. Posted by Trevor Anderson on 2015-03-28 04:01:15 Tagged: , iceland

Winter Beauty

The artic cold is back here and looks like it will be staying awhile as well. Sometimes I just need a reminder that even though it is cold that winter is a very beautiful

H o o k e r V a l l e y

FACEBOOK | WEBSITE Mt Cook National Park, Following my previous uploads this image was taken on a ONE OF A KIND PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE to the south island of New Zealand. Mt Cook was such

Wonders of Iceland

I didn’t realize just how incredible the northern lights are. I thought they would be beautiful, but wow, they are absolutely amazing to see in person. Sorry for my lack to time on flickr
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